( UPDATE ) Reading News Earn Cash Cashzine 2021 Anti Hoax

For those of you who are not know about Cashzine, will ask what is Cashzine??

Cashzine is a free application designed for mobile users to read news, do assignments, and get cash. The combination of artificial intelligence, professional editors and cash prizes, users can get headlines, local heat, entertainment, health and well-being, social issues and multi-Category News everyday.

During the reading process, the platform provides benefits and bonuses. Which is formed as a coin in the application to encourage users to develop good reading habits. Users can exchange coins in the application for cash at any time.

I have tested this application myself and proven to pay & no scam . And for those of you who want to participate in getting money from this application please follow the tutorial below:


  • Please download the application on Google Play Store or here .


  • Install and open and register with a valid email address. Choose your country that you are living now . If you choose the wrong country, later you will have problems in the payment process. So remember, don't choose the wrong country.


  • Confirmation your account via e-mail from cashzine.


  • Login on the Cashzine application.


  • After login, select my invitation code  menu  then enter this code "2063809" in the column then enter. You will getting 8000 bonus coins instantly.

  • After that you can get extra coins by login every day.
  • You can get extra coins every day by reading the news on this application. Click the title and you will enter the news read mode and scroll up and down until the timer full. You will get 50 coins after the timer is full.




Reading News Earn Cash Cahzine 2020 is true. The following is proof from exchanging my coins for money in IDR ( Indonesia Rupiah ) :

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